Hot Fat Girls

Drop Dead Diva is crack.

Yeah, I know that it is a show on Lifetime, but please hear me out.

This is a show about a super model who dies and comes back as a “plus size” attorney.

Seriously, the show is the most amazing thing to enter my life since Millionaire Matchmaker.

Let me explain.

What would happen if you took a fashionable skinny girl and stuck her into a smart fat girls body?

That is the premise.

Let me explain who will be watching this show.

1) Fat Girls.

2) Lesbians.

3) My mother.

4) Gay men.

5) Me.

Now, why am I amused so much by this show?

Because there is a trend happening in this country.

Yup, you guessed it, Fat is the new Black.

All of a sudden there are shows on TV like, Dance your ASS off (fat Dancing with the stars) and now Drop Dead Diva, (fat ally mcbeal) and soon to come a Fat Person Dating show. (Fat Bachelorette).

Now, I have known this for quite some time and have always embraced my inner fat, but it’s nice to see that this country is taking a turn for the obese on TV.

Not since Camryn Manheim has America gone GaGa over some Fat Chick.

Excuse me, Hot Fat Girl.

Now, here is where the writers at Drop Dead Diva failed.

If I were a super model who dies and came back as a Fat Lawyer, I would go to the gym, lose weight and become a skinny super model lawyer.

However, they can’t write that into the plot, because then the show would end and the moral often story wouldn’t be that “Fat people can be hot.”

Let me tell you a secret.

They aren’t.

Trust me.

We can be funny, rich, fun to be around etc, everything except hot.

Now, if you want to see a real hot girl, you need to check out Teagan Presley.

There is a reason why I want you to check her out.

1) She’s hot.

2) She’s on Daily Tush. (

3) She’s not fat.

4) She is dating a Jew.

5) She’s not fat.

Now, let me ask you this question.

What would you rather see?

A show about this girl? (Brooke Elliott)

Hot Fat Girls

Hot Fat Girls

Or a show about this one? (Teagan Presley) (want to see her as only Queen Vashti could be? (trust us it’s HOT!)

Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley

I have a much better idea.

How about a show with me (Fat Jewish Guy) and Teagan Presley.

We could have a cooking show.

Like this one.

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