Free Food at Costco

Normally I don’t miss large gaps of time on this website, but I was passed out drunk in Tijuana and just made it back over the border.

This is that story.

I woke up in a pool of my own vomit today, no wallet and no memory of last night.

Sounds like a great beginning to a post, unfortunately though, it didn’t happen.

I do have some cool stuff to tell you about this past week, but that’s gonna have to wait until I finish my rant about Costco.

The real reason that I haven’t written is that it was moving week.

We finally found a place to live and now we had to fill it up with stuff.

See, after living in a 600 square foot place in San Diego, we now have more than double the space in LA.

So, Shorty and I went to Costco to buy some stuff that we needed.

You know, the usual moving in stuff like a big TV, a fan, 4 gallons of olive oil, 500 packets of Equal brand Sweetener, 4 liters of lemon juice, 6 cans of spray air and 24 Fuji apples.

Normally this shopping trip would take no more than 20 minutes.

Today though this trip took over two hours.

I couldn’t figure it out, after I got my giant over sized shopping cart I sat in a virtual traffic jam.

The isles were jammed packed with people who had overflowing carts full of stuff.

The line though seemed to gravitate towards the back of the store and was moving slower then Michael Jackson trying to moonwalk on a Diprivan trip.

Finally after what seemed like 2 days but was essentially 45 minutes I saw what the draw was.

Some Wise Latina was carving tri tip steak and the minions were lining up for it.


Free Tri Tip?

That is what clogged up Costco and elongated my shopping experience?

Now, I can understand the fact that people want free food but come on.

Give it away outside.

Don’t make me stand there for 2 freaking hours while people who are buying crap go from one fat lunch lady type to another eating food from mini dixie cups.

So frustrating.

Now have over 100 inches of TV at our house (no we didn’t get a 100 inch TV) and enough olive oil to bathe in.

What a country!

Free Food at Costco

Free Food at Costco

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