Bruno Movie Quotes

Vasssup? My Name is Bruno!

I actually punched a guy in the face when he said that to me tonight.

Actually, I didn’t but I wanted to.

See, after 3 years I finally got to see Bruno.

It’s weird, this week is my three year anniversary in California, and I remember how I dragged my friends to see Borat when I first got here.

While it is hard to believe, back then no one knew what Borat was.

It was supposed to be this small movie, but it hit it big and spurned the phrases, “That’s Niiiice” and “Sexy Time.”

Obviously, Bruno will do the same and since I went to a midnight showing, there was bound to be idiots who were going to pretend that they were in the movie.

Now, I won’t spoil Bruno for you by telling you that Elton John, Snoop Dog, Bono and Sting make cameos, but i will say that I laughed the whole time.

I also ate a tub of popcorn and milk duds.

It was awesome.

So if your looking for Bruno Movie Quotes all you have to do is go to the theatre and believe me some idiot will walk right up to you and say Vassssup?

Feel free to hit them.

bruno movie quotes

bruno movie quotes

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