Thoughts on my Palm Pre

The Palm Pre makes me happy.

Only problem is that I can’t make a phone call on it.

Yeah, I know, who would have thought that after 6 months of hype, after waiting in line for hours, after playing with it at the Sprint store, that I would have thought to test the actual call quality.

See, I wanted to make sure that I could text message and twitter, keep a calendar and play games.

I wanted to multi task and take pictures.

Play video and hear music.

Email was crucial and so was the keyboard.

But, lost in all of this was the fact that the phone didn’t actually work.

I sound like I am in a fish bowl.

So, I am considering switching back to my blackberry and using the pre and a kind of digital organizer.

I wish they had a contraption for that.

Something that would keep my organized, that played video and music, maybe even had a plastic pen that I would call a “Stylus.”

It would be awesome if this device would fit in the Palm of my hand.

I would use a cell phone for all the talking in the world that I needed to do, but this device that I am asking for would be the pilot of my life.


A pilot that fit in my palm.

What a novel Idea.

Palm Pre

Palm Pre

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