Michael Jackson’s Jewish Eulogy

Michael Jackson died today in Los Angeles.

I found out about it like most people did, on twitter while I was making number 2 in the toilet.

My first thoughts and actually all my thoughts to this moment have been those of ridicule and jest.

However, as I was watching MTV just now and the song, “Gone too Soon” came on I had a moment of clarity.

I struggled to remember the AIDS kid’s name (I think it was Ryan) and then it hit me…

Michael Jackson has been a part of my life since I was a young kid living in Israel.

I remember back in 1984 when they were having the Pepsi commercial contest where the winner got tickets to see MJ in concert.

I would have given anything to go to those shows and unfortunately never got the chance.

Yes, I owned the red leather jacket and also the white glove.

I had the thriller album on cassette and remember when I got the Bad album.

My point is that honestly I could care less that Michael Jackson is dead, but, what is making me even the least bit up set right now is all the memories that his death is bringing up.

Whether it was me and my brother trying to stay up late in the Poconos or me remembering the weekend that Live Aid happened and how that was the weekend that we actually sold that same house.

Watching MTV right now is almost like a trip down memory lane for me.

True, it is set to Michael Jackson music, but it could just as easily have been set to Billy Joel music as well.

To recap:

I don’t know if Michael Jackson molested those kids.

If he did then maybe he isn’t in heaven.

But, if he didn’t then he should just enjoy the quiet that he finally got.

Sleep tight Michael Jackson King of Pop and just know that I would have let you molest me all you had to do was ask.


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