How Obama Should Fix Health Care

My Plan to Fix out Health Care System.

Now that I moved to Los Angeles I am eating a lot of Falafel.

There are so many falafel places in “The Valley” that I like to eat at them all.

Today, as I was heading to my favorite falafel place, I passed a sign that said “Grand Opening Falafel!”

Always down to try a new falafel place I walked in ready to eat.

The sweaty middle eastern guy behind the counter greeted me and before I could order, he held out a plate of fresh fried falafel balls and beckoned me to eat.

They were hot and fresh and I shoved a whole ball in my mouth.


I almost vomited and ran out of the falafel place thankful that I didn’t order a whole pita and waste 6 bucks.

I ended up at the market and bought some sushi instead.

What does this have to do with health care?

Well, the other day I went to the doctor and he said I have stress headaches.

He gave me a pill to try and he said it should take them away.

I filled my 30 day prescription and took it.

The first night I couldn’t sleep.

I tossed and turned until finally I had to take a Benadryl to knock me out.

The next night once again I had insomnia and around 4 am I put two and two together (4!) and realized it was the pill.

Needless to say the bottle went in the trash.

That got me thinking.

This past year I was prescribed a lot of drugs that I didn’t use.

There was Chantix to quit smoking. (3 months supply, 60 dollar copay, cost to Cigna of 400.00)

There was Vytorin for Cholesterol. (20 dollar copay, cost to insurance company 324.00 for 30 days)

There was also Fenoglide (10 dollar copay 135.00 for 30 days cost to Cigna)

How about Januvia? (20 dollar copay $362.18 30 day cost to insurance company)

Maybe Metformi was cheap? ( $375.00 for 30 days to insurance company 20 dollar copay to me)

All of the above drugs I took for maybe 2 or 3 days before I stopped taking them.

Now, please do not misunderstand.

I am not saying that drugs are like Falafel.

That would be insane since Falafel is made of Chick Peas.

But, what I am trying to say is that maybe the doctor when prescribing new medication only writes you a script for 5 pills?

I am all for trial and error and love the fact that my doctors make sure that the drug works first and are willing to try new things until I get the right fit, but I easily cost the insurance company over 1000.00 in wasted money because I filled prescriptions that I then threw away.

Now, most people don’t don’t take drugs the way I do, I realize that, however I guarantee you that my grandmother wasted more money this year then me.

So, if we assume that all Jews over the age of 50 are wasting over 1000.00 a year in drugs they throw away and if the number of Jews over 50 is 700,000 then that means that 700 million dollars a year is wasted on drugs that are being thrown away.

Now, I have no idea if there are really 700 thousand Jews over 5o, but you get my point.

So, what is my plan?

Mandate that doctors for new prescriptions have to write for 7 days or less.

Also, mandate that anyone who decides to continue their medication after that 5 days does not have to pay a separate copay for the rest of the month.

This would cut down on wasted spending and save BILLIONS of dollars a year.

With the money that is saved, the government can then insure the poor people without having to raise taxes on the rich Fat people. (not saying I’m rich, but definitely saying I’m fat)

My one request is that if there is any money left over, that Obama fixes my Chrysler!

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