How I got Cell Phone Elbow

How I got Cell Phone Elbow

Today was supposed to be about my trip back from San Francisco.

However, as I was flipping through the news today, I saw something called “Cell Phone Elbow.”

Clicking on the news story, I started screaming in the car.

Shorty asked me what was wrong and I just started laughing hysterically.

See, do you know what Cell Phone Elbow is?

Let me clue you in.

Apparently Cubital Tunnel Syndrome was not fancy enough for the web.

Actually, Fergie called Ulnar Nerve Surgery “so two thousand and Late.”

Regardless, apparently Cell Phone Elbow is the new “trendy disease”

How cool is that?

I always knew that I was a trend setter and that I was cool, but this just proves it.

I mean, my business is trends, marketing and computers.

It’s only fitting that I would get the disease that Hollywood is calling, “The must have illness of 2009!”

Obama supposedly is considering coming down with it and Oprah is also trying to figure out how to get Gail to start using her cell phone more.

Finally, for the first time since I had my Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery I feel good about it.

Maybe I was cut open 2 times for a reason.

I need to educate the world about the Perils of Cell Phone Use.

I am now officially the anointed one.

How trendy.

Cell Phone Elbow

Cell Phone Elbow

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