When Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery Goes Bad

This is getting crazy.


Let’s recap.

I had surgery.

Then my stitches broke.

Then I was in a cast.

Then my arm filled up with fluid.

Then I had another surgery.

Then I got a 102 degree fever.

Now, one week after the last surgery I was finally feeling better.

The fever broke, the tingling in my fingers stopped and things were looking great.

Until last night.

Finally, I got to bed, took down the covers, laid down and then the pain was unbearable.

It was like someone put a live wire just to the right of my elbow.

I tried wrapping my arm, but that was even worse.

Then I put a pillow under my arm.

Guess what?

Didn’t help.

So, I took a few pain killers.


3 hours later, I still couldn’t sleep so I took a benadryl.

Finally at 6 am I was able to get some shuteye.

I woke up at 11 to the sounds of pretzel barking and jumped out of bed.

Shorty wanted to go to lunch, so I showered and got dressed.

My arm was on fire and I didn’t want to spend the day on drugs, so I reached for the China Gel.

For those of you (all of you) who don’t know what China Gel is, I really can’t help you.

It looks like the slime from ghost busters and smells like Vapo Rub.

Doesn’t help that the doctor gave it to me in a urine specimen jar so that I can’t even see the ingredients.

I rubbed the China Gel on my arm, Shorty and I headed to the mall and had some lunch at Outback.

China Gel

China Gel

Always delicious.

Then we went to Borders.

My arm started throbbing and seriously hurting.

So bad, that I actually called the doctor.

The answering service lady told me to go to the Emergency Room.

I told her no and that I wanted to speak to the doctor.

She told me that if I feel like there was electricity going through my arm he can’t help me on the phone.

We argued, I hung up and went home.

Took pain meds and then napped.

When I woke up guess what I found?

Ulnar Nerve

Ulnar Nerve

Not sure if you can see, but there are bubbling pus bubbles on my arm that trust me were not there earlier.

Hmm…wonder if the magical china gel had anything to do with it?

So, now I have open wounds on my arm, I am bleeding and randomly it jerks in pain every so often.

I can’t sleep, can’t get a hold of the doctor and in pain.

On the plus side, I can feel my fingers.

This is getting really really crazy.

What in the world is China Gel?

I demand an answer.

**** after some research I have discovered that China Gel was invented by this guy.

You have got to be kidding me.

China Gel

China Gel

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