My Left Foot

My Left Foot

Finally, I am back and writing.

See, I’ve been getting emails from people wondering what Fat Jewish Guy has not been updated.

It’s simple.

I was kidnapped by a black man in a truck.

Yup, stuffed in a trunk, I finally escaped last night.

If you believe that, then you are an idiot.

Lat night things came to a head when the left side of my face went numb.

It felt like someone shot my face up with Novocaine.

Since, my left side of the face started tingling and went numb, I assumed that it was my Ulnar Nerve again.

However, after some research, I discovered that there is no Ulnar Nerve in your face.

Also, the internet told me that I was having a stroke and to go to the hospital so I did.

Let me tell you that it is amazing what signs of a stroke will get you.

I bypassed the 30 people sitting in the waiting room and went right to the back.

It was awesome, like the VIP entrance to the club.

There were security guards and everything!

Anyway, after I peed in a cup, took off my clothes and ordered some nuts and diet Pepsi. (wow it really is just like a club)they came and wheeled my into the CT scan room.

Good news.

No stroke.

Bad news.

I had a “vascular headache”.

That is a nice way of saying migraine, however if you search for Vascular headache you see that it is not an accepted medical condition.

So, since no one in the medical community uses the term vascular headache, it makes me wonder what this doctor was talking about.

Anyway, there was another interesting development.

My right foot had gone numb,and since there is no Ulnar Nerve in my right foot I just ignored it.

However, they same doctor who diagnosed me with a disease that does not exist any more, also told me I have neuropathy.

That is not good.

What was good was the fact that my sugar was good.

What is even better was going home and eating a snack.

Apples. (think about it)

Sign of a Stroke

Sign of a Stroke

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