Would Twitter Have Stopped The Holocaust

Would Twitter Have Stopped The Holocaust

Dear Jesus.

I have realized the error of my way.

I can’t believe that my mother raised me Jewish.

It’s not fair.

All I got was a big nose and a small penis.

How can I get in your good graces?


I’m not really writing a letter to Jesus, but I found this new website called Date To Save.

Date To Save

Date To Save

Anyway, it’s a bunch of Hot Christian Girls who want to save Jews from hell by dating them.

How amazing?

If I could convince Shorty to let me, I could try and be saved while getting lucky at the same time.

I wonder if these girls actually put out or do they string you along and tell you they will give you some if you accept Jesus as your lord and savior?


I really should try this service and report back to you.

Regardless, back to my question above.

See, I’m not trying to be cute or diminish what happened in any way shape or form.

But, I truly believe that because of Twitter there could never be another Holocaust.

See, back then information didn’t flow as easily as it does now.

People weren’t sure if there were really concentration camps.

They weren’t sure if they should get on the train.

They weren’t really sure of anything.

In this day and age, it seems as if with twitter and facebook people are more in tune with what is going on.

So, could twitter have prevented the holocaust?

Who knows.

Do I want to have random hookups with Hot Christian Girls who want to save me from hell?

You bet.

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