The Day Twitter Died

The Day Twitter Died

Say goodbye to twitter.

Yup, it’s over before it started.

You may think I’m crazy, I mean come on Oprah just joined Twitter today.

But, trust me, it’s done.

This is the beauty of web 2.0 companies.

Forget the fact that they don’t make any money.

They are a victim of their own buzz, and they re all about the cool factor.

Yup, once my mom is on a social network it’s time to move on.

I am what you would call an early adopter of technology.

I still use twitter only because I have to, but when I really want to connect with friends I use something else.

200,000 people are following Oprah today.

These are people like my mom, your mom and fake porn stars.

The “true” people that started using twitter, the people that made it work and made it cool are gone.

Yup, we’ve moved on.

Moved on to bigger and better.

Honestly, it’s not that it’s really bigger or better, it’s just that we want to tell our hipster friends that we are no doing something else that no one has ever heard of.

Look at my twitter account

It’s scary.

Go to my very first tweat.

You can see 2 years ago I was trying to explain to people what this is and why they should twitter.

It was frustrating.

No one cared.

So I gave up.

Then, like Rip Van Winkle, I woke up two years later and suddenly everyone was tweating and twatting all over the place.

So, mom, enjoy your tweats, watch out for Nigerian scam artists and fake celebrities, because that’s all that’s left.

Twitter, it was nice knowing you.

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