Mina Stefan is my New Obsession

Mina Stefan is my New Obsession

So, I was on twitter today tweating with Teagan Presley.

Sorry, do you not know what a tweat is?

Do you not know who Teagan Presely is?

Let me explain.

Twitter is a way for me to tell people what I am doing at all times.

For instance, right before I started talking with Teagan, I announced to the world that I wonder if Fox News anchor Julie Banderas likes it in the tushy.

As you can tell, twitter is very important.

So, after announcing to the world that I wanted to have sex with a random fox news anchor who I never met, I turned my attention to Teagan Presley.

See, Teagan is a “Porn Star” who I have heard on the Howard Stern show.

She has a twitter page, where she also tells people what she is doing.

So, today she told me that she was eating Oreo cookies for breakfast.

I replied and told her that it sounded like a good breakfast.

She then wrote back and told me to get lost.

It’s almost like Twitter is a real bar scene.

So, after Teagan told me to go away (and I’ve heard that she was a nice girl) I started stalking, (I mean “following’) her hot friends on Twitter.

I found this one chick who’s name is “Mina Stefan.”

Say that name with me.

Mina Stefan.

It almost rolls off the tongue.

It’s sweet, like Matzah dipped in Powdered sugar.

This chick is making my blood sugar rise.

So, I hit the follow button and now  can see what she is doing at all times.

Like, just a few minutes ago Mina Stefan told me that she was ” watching anthoney bourdin..hes so cool..”

I have no idea who anthoney bourdin is, but now I want to know.

Then she told me “had the mixed greens my friends had paoched eggs with smoked salmon..”

Damn, this girl was telling me what she is eating.

It’s like we are best friends.

I love twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, if the passover story happened today, I think that we would be able to eat bread, because moses would have told the Jews to leave via twitter and then word would have spread sooner and thus no need to rush.

Just a thought.

Mina Stefan

Mina Stefan

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