Is Annie Duke Hitler ?

Is Annie Duke Hitler

Watching the celebrity Apprentice today while eating Chicken Corn Chinese Soup, I had what we call in the business “a thought.”

Now, I’m not sure if you know what “a thought” is, but basically it’s something that pops up into your head during a commercial that makes you ponder a question you normally wouldn’t have considered.

So, Joan Rivers (who I would still have sex with with the lights off and after a few beers) decided to call poker champion Annie Duke (who I would not have sex with since she probably has a hairy va jay jay) Hitler.

Now, this is where I started thinking about how opposites don’t always work.

See, if Annie Duke was like Hitler, then that means she would have to be responsible for the death of 6 million Jews and 10 million others.

Obviously that didn’t happen.

However, if Hitler was like Annie Duke then that would mean that he was really good at poker.

Somehow that doesn’t seem right?

Annie Duke is Hitler?

Annie Duke is Hitler?

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