How to get the Swine Flu (cause I got it)

How to get the Swine Flu (cause I got it)

If you are a frequent reader of Fat Jewish Guy then you know that if something can go wrong it normally does.

After two surgeries you would think that I would be back to normal.


I started feeling achy and hot.

I had chalked it up to my surgery and tried to ignore it, but when I woke up with a sore throat I decided to go to the doctors and take care of it.

Going to the doctor in San Diego is bad enough as it is, but going when there is a swine flu epidemic is worse.

Not that I have anything about Mexicans, I don’t, they make great tacos, but they make horrible hypochondriacs.

So, I waited in line and got diagnosed.



Sore throat?


Contact with a pig?


Let me see.

Damn it!

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