Ulnar Nerve Surgery Recovery Hurts

Ulnar Nerve Surgery Recovery Hurts

It’s Monday night.

Normally that means nothing except for the fact that 24 is on TV, but today it means something different.

Yup, it’s been almost a week since my Ulnar Nerve Surgery and I am glad to report that things are going well.

True, my arm still hurts and it itches really badly, but every hour that goes by it gets a bit better.

Unfortunately, tomorrow I have an appointment with San Diego Had Surgeon Dr Gelb.

Now, I don’t mean unfortunately as in, I don’t want to see the doctor, but I mean that after I see him, I have an appointment with a shoulder surgeon.

You read that right.

I need surgery on my shoulder.

What’s weird is that all the doctors swear that my shoulder and my ulnar nerve damage are nor related.

I don’t buy that.

They have to be related.

Otherwise it’s just a bad coincidence that my left arm and my left shoulder stopped working the same day?

Will let you know tomorrow.

On a better note, Twizitter is going well.

Boooyerz baby, Booyers!

Ulnar Nerve

Ulnar Nerve

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