Ulnar Nerve Surgery Day One

Ulnar Nerve Surgery Day One

Today starts the first day in my journey to Ulnar Nerve transposition Surgery.

The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday at 8am, but the pre op fun stuff starts today so I figured I would involve you in this process.

The first thing I did today was shave my balls.

This was not so much for the surgery, but because it makes me feel fresh down there.

Also, I figure if the nurse was to look down there while I was knocked out, I would look bigger.

I also quit smoking.

Yup, as a present to myself, it’s been 4 days now without a smoke.

(who am I kidding, I just didn’t think I would be able to use a lighter with one hand)

At 1030am today I have a second opinion and at 1:30 pm I have a meeting with the surgeon who is the one doing the cut.

I have a few questions for him and I figured that I would ist them here in case someone wants to add to them .

1) Will my Ulnar Nerve transposition Surgery hurt?

2) if it will hurt then how much?

3) When will I be able to use my left hand again?

4) Can I travel?

5) Can I type?

6) What if I have a booger, can I pick my nose?

7) Will I be in a cast?

8 ) If Ben Relles and Obama Girl were to sign my cast could I sell it on Ebay?

9) Is there a chance I could lose all feeling in my left arm forever?

10) Why are we still talking about ARMs after the collapse of the economy.

11) If my surgeon is a Republican does he have an interest in making my left weaker?

12) When they put you under they apparently stick tubes down your throat so you don’t vomit inside your lungs, my question is how long are those tubes.

And the 13th question I have for my hand surgeon is Buttafuoco.

Anyway, please check back daily to read about my experience with Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery.

There will be pictures, stories and special celebrity guest videos.

You don’t want to miss this!

Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery

Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery

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