Tempe12 Bikini Fashion Show

Tempe12 Bikini Fashion Show

Phoenix is definitely hot.

But, there are some concerning issues with Phoenix that I need to talk about.


See, no one tells you that there are freaking scorpions running around here.



I swear to you, they tell you that you should “shake your shoes” because they live in there.

Shake your shoes?

How about not move to Phoenix?

As long as I am in Phoenix though, I’m going to take advantage of Arizona’s natural resource.


Hot Girls.

So, tonight I am going to the Tempe12 Bikini Fashion show.

While Shorty is at her conference for work, I am going to be hanging with hotties.

By the way, back to scorpions, they even have scorpion lollipops.

Have they no shame?

scorpion candy

scorpion candy

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