How to Lose Weight on Weight Watchers

How to Lose Weight on Weight Watchers

I’m just kidding.

This post is really how Not to lose weight on Weight Watchers.

Shorty came home the other day with shopping bags full of food.

Ice cream bon bons, chicken fingers, fruit roll ups, pop corn, pizza and more.

I looked at her like, “what’s the occasion?” and she answered, “I’m counting points!”

Well, I was to count points also, so I went online and found out that I get 37 points a day.

So, what does that get me?

Lets see.

Those Bon Bons are 1 point each.

I can eat the whole box.

Total 12 points.

Chicken legs (drumsticks) are one point a piece without skin.

I can eat 10 of them.

Total 10 points.

So, I ate a whole box of ice cream and 10 drumsticks, but I still have 16 points left.

Fruit Leather.

Apparently these have no points since they have 6 grams of fiber. (whatever that is)

So, I can eat 6 of those and still be at 22 points.

Now, I can have salad as well.

As much as I want, so after one bag of salad I am still at 22 points.

So, I’m gonna treat myself and eat a bagel.

That’s 8 points.

Still have 8 more to go.

I ate an apple.

Nope, no points.

Sugar free ice pops.

Nope, still have 8 more to go.

Popped some popcorn.

That had 5 points.

It’s now the end of the day and I have 3 points left.

I am so disciplined, if I keep this up I’m definitely going to lose with on Weight Watchers!

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