Why Black Men are Different

Why Black Men are Different

Before you accuse me of racism, I implore you to keep an open mind and keep reading.

Yes, it’s true, black men are different then white men and I finally have proof.

Now, I am not talking about brains, ability or even the size of their you know what.

I am talking about a major difference between black men and white men that I did not know until today.

If you remember, for my birthday, Shorty bought me a really fancy shaving kit.

However, it is now 5 months later and I ran out of shaving cream.

Now, since I want to use the 100% badger hair brush that came with the kit,(yeah, I said badger hair, take that PETA) I don’t want to just buy the regular aerosol cream.

However, I didn’t feel like spending 40 bucks on shaving cream either.

So, I went to Target to get some new stuff.

When I got to the isle with the shaving cream in it, I passed over the cheap cans and went for the better stuff, the cream that comes in tubs.

However, after I picked up one of the cans, I noticed something.

They all said that they were specially formulated for Black Men.


Yup, apparently Black People have trouble with bumps on their face.

They literally had 7 different shaving cream for blacks that were non aerosol, and the rest were the regular stuff for regular old white people like me.

Now, I could be inappropriate and make a remark that the reason that back people don’t use shaving cream in cans is because they might try and graffiti their bathroom, but that would be inappropriate so I won’t do it.

However, who know that blacks has skin problems?

I mean, I get razor bumps when I shave, and that is the reason Shorty bought me the kit.

But, it wasn’t marketed as Jewish shaving cream, was it?

Anyway, my point is that I learned something new today, and I wanted to share.

Sammy Davis JR

Sammy Davis JR

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