How To Cook a Prime Rib

How To Cook a Prime Rib

New Years was great.

Took two days, relaxed and spent some time with Shorty and another couple.

After two days with the other couple, I have new appreciation for my relationship.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter so much.

I learned a few things during the past few days that I would like to share.

The first thing is, apparently you cannot return Wii games.

Trust me on this, while I have seen people returned half eaten cake to Costco because they claim they “don’t like it,” it seems like you cannot return a game no matter what the situation.

See, we bought the game, “The Price is Right” for Wii, thinking it would be fun to play on New Years eve.

The store employee told us it was a four player game, and we even bought extra controllers in order to play.

But, when we set everything up, the game didn’t work like it said.

Only one controller was needed, which kind of took the fun out of trying to pretend that you are in a game show.

So, we took it back.

That’s when the problem started.

Because of Federal Copyright law, they could only replace the game with the same one.

Yup, the same game that we couldn’t play.

After three managers, an hour and some voice raising, the finally gave me back my money, but I definitely learned a lesson.

Rent the games first.

The second lesson I learned was How to Cook a Prime Rib.

For some reason Shorty and her mom think I like Prime Rib.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, I do like Prime Rib.

Only once in a while.

Like when I am in Vegas.

But, they got one and I was definitely not complaining.

What was interesting though was how you cook a prime rib.

I always thought that you made it like a roast.

Meaning you put it in a pan with some liquid in it and that’s how it gets done.

But, I was wrong.

The way they cooked the prime rib was they coated it in Kosher salt and seasoning and then baked it in the oven.

It was definitely good, but I am thinking that had we taken a butcher knife to the meat and sliced it vertically, we could have eaten ribeyes on the grill.

It might have been quicker.

But, not necessarily better.

At least in the first few days of 2009 I learned two lessons.

How to cook a prime rib, and how to intimidate a Walmart manager at 2 in the morning.

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