Barack Obama Cured My Diabetes

Barack Obama Cured My Diabetes

When I woke up yesterday my blood sugar was a bit high.

My left arm was still numb.

My head hurt from thinking about the dental work I still needed done.

I was getting stressed out thinking about my student loans and all the work I had to do.

Then the most amazing thing happened.

At 9:05 my time (12:05 East Coast time), just as Barack Obama uttered the words, “so help me g-d,” everything was alright.

My blood sugar went back to normal.

I got feeling back in my arm.

The phone rang and it was the student loan people telling me that someone paid them off for me.

Then, I got an email from work telling me to take a 6 month paid vacation.

It truly is a new day in America.

It’s gonna be alright.

Obama is here and he will lead us to salvation.

Can I eat candy now?

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