Sagiv Assulin Girl

Sagiv Assulin Girl

I was gonna name this blog post, Saxby Feingold, since I absolutely love that name.

If I had that name, I would be invited to all the country clubs.

But, I don’t.

I’m stuck with the very Jewy name, David Feingold.

But, whatever.

I came across this video.

If It looks a bit familiar, it’s because it is the Hebrew Israeli version of Obama Girl.

Let me just say this, there is nothing sexy about hearing a girl say in Hebrew, “Hey baby, zot ani.” (hey baby it’s me.)

However, I will say this, in the original Obama Girl video created by my friend Ben Relles, the catch  lyrics at the end say, B to the A to the R A C K, O B A M A.

Its a really catchy part.

I love that in Hebrew that part goes, Shin to the Gimel to the Yud to the Vet to Aleph to the Samech to the Vav Lamed Yud Nun.

Catchy huh?

Sagiv Assulin Girl

Sagiv Assulin Girl

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