Mad at Starbucks Again

Mad at Starbucks Again

Seriously, I’m pissed off.

Somehow, I got convinced that I should get the Starbucks Black Card.

I used the gift certificate I got for my birthday and spent 25 bucks getting that thing.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Yes, I spent 25 dollars, but I was saving 10% each time I bough a cup of coffee and I got free extra shots of espresso refills and 2 hours Internet.

Regardless, the real reason that I got it was so I can act like a douche bag every time I ordered coffee.

But, now I feel like a douche bag because Starbucks got the last laugh on me.

You know those Starbucks that you see in super markets?

Yep those.

Anyway, they aren’t real Starbucks.

They are owned and operated by each individual market.

I believe the term is “licensed.”

So, I walk into a Vons supermarket today and ordered my coffee.

Seems they don’t take the black card.

They don’t know how to give a ten percent discount and they don’t know how to give me free espresso.

Now, since I like getting coffee while I am at the market, this whole thing is pure bull.

Leave it to Starbucks to screw people out of their hard earned money.

I am so mad, I think I will pull my hair out.

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