Apple is the Devil

Apple is the Devil

In the more then two years I’ve been writing for Fat Jewish Guy, I may have missed a day.

Rarely, but it happens.

I have NEVER missed two days.

By default then, I never ever missed three.

Bad things happen when you miss writing your blog, the worst of which is having your mother call you u worried that you are dead.

Well, I have this to say.

I am very much alive, though very very pissed off at Apple.

See, my computer broke again this week.

So, I took it to the apple store after having to beg the store manager for an emergency appointment.

When I got to the store, I was made to wait 45 minutes for a Mac “genius”.

First of all he told me that I was lucky that he could squeeze me in, and that the secret to fast service at the Mac store was t buy something called pro care.

Apple has balls.

Let me explain what pro care is.

After spending about 3 grand on a computer, I made the decision to protect my investment with a 300 “apple care” warranty.

That enables me to get my computer fixed for free after the 30 days are up.

Smart move.

But, get this, pro care is an extra 100 per year that lets you go to the front of the service line.

Yup, you heard right, 100 bucks just so you can be seen.

(pay attention, this comes in handy soon)

So, the guy goes to fix my computer, keeps it for 30 minutes and then the “genius” tells me that he has never seen a prole with this and he will have to reformat my computer, erasing all my data.


I’m no genius, but I could have done that.

So, an hour and a half later, he tells me that it is fixed (duh), but that my graphics card is bad and needs to be replaced.

I told him to fix it, and he said, “sure, just leave it here for 5-7 days.”


I asked if they gave loaners out.

Guess what?


So, I have a 5 month old computer hat costs over 3 grand (with the apple care) and if I want to get my computer back the same day, I need to pay an extra 100 dollars or else I cannot work for 5-7 days.

Like I said, “apple has balls.”

But, I’m back now, back and better then ever.

For how long though?

Ask apple.

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