What is a Super Pear Girl?

What is a Super Pear Girl

I’ll get to my latest obsession in a moment, but first I need to talk about Tic Tacs for a second.

Yeah, Tic Tacs, those delicious candys that come in a small plastic box.

So, as we all know, I have diabetes.

But, just because I have diabetes doesn’t mean that I don’t want something sweet from time to time.

I was at a gas station today and I saw some tic tacs.

I was definitly prudent and I checked to see how many grams of sugar it had.

The box said zero, so I bought it and proceeded to eat the whole box.

Then, I was at the market and saw that they were on sale, 2 for a buck.

Just as I was going to pay, I got yelled at by Shorty.

She told me that Tic Tacs had sugar in them and I smiled when I told her that they didn’t.

To prove it to her, I took the box and showed her that they had zero grams of sugar in them.

Then she took the box and showed me that the first ingredient was sugar.

Here is the scam.

They are so small, that if you take grams of sugar as a percentage then there is zero.

But, if you eat the whole box like me, then there is like 20 grams of sugar in this.

So, now Tic Tacs are off my list of things I can eat.

This definitely made me sad.

But, then I got happy again real quick.

Have you heard of the Internet phenomenon Super Pear Girls?

This chicks are awesome.

Not sure who finds them attractive, probably black guys, but the fact that this is a growing movement makes me happy.

By the way for the sexy pictures of Adrienne Bailon visit Daily Tush.

Super Pear Girl

Super Pear Girl

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