The Jewish Mafia

The Jewish Mafia

Lost in all of the news about Barack Obama, the tie football game and America’s obesity problem, there was a great news story yesterday and if you blinked you missed it.

The head of the Jewish mafia was killed yesterday in Israel.

Now, I know that when we speak of the Jewish Mafia, most people consider that Hollywood.

You are correct in thinking that, but this is the other Jewish Mafia.

This is the Israeli, protection racket, drug smuggling mafia.

While this mafia is just as vicious as the Italians and the Russians, they are much smarter.


Glad you asked.

In “South Philly” the Italians will come to you and try and extort you for money.

You either pay them or something bad happens.

But, cash is traceable and most of them get caught.

How do the Jews do it?

Instead of asking for money from bars and restaurants, they ask for recyclables.


Bottles and cans.

Sounds stupid right?

It isn’t.

Recycling from bars and restaurants is currently a 5 million dollar a year industry.

Lets look at America for a minute.

I can get a 12 pack of coke at the market for 2 bucks when they have a good sale.

At 5 cents a can, my deposit is .60 cents.

Doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that .60 cents is over 25% of my purchase price.

So, The Jewish Mafia in Israel is running a protection racket that gives them between 10 and 20 percent of a bar or clubs income and here is the best part.

It’s untraceable.

I am so proud to be Jewish today!

The Jewish Mafia

The Jewish Mafia

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