Obama Girl on Bill Oreilly

Obama Girl on Bill O’Reilly

What a day.

It started out with cold pizza. (you would think that would make it a good day.)

Yes, the pizza from last night was waiting for me as I got out of bed this morning.

Two slices, some garlic bread and coffee makes for a great breakfast.

Then, I got to work.

Getting up a website is hard work, so getting up 4 websites, you can imagine is pretty impossible.

I channeled my best Ari Gold as I told some developer in Connecticut that I would, “Skull Fuck” him if he didn’t get my site done in the next few hours.

Then I sat down to watch some good old fox news.

Guess what?

Obama Girl was on.

Yup, the same Obama Girl who I was working on their website.

I knew that shit was about to hit the fan and sure enough, 4 hours later, I was finally off the phone and admiring my work.

Want to see it?


Then, I got an egg salad sandwich.

And chip.

And these Hawaiian Luau Onion Rings I love.

And a Nestle’s Crunch Bar.

Oh yeah, some more coffee as well.

So, want to see Obama Girl on Bill O’Reilly?

Obama Girl on Bill Oreilly

Obama Girl on Bill Oreilly

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