My Weekend in the Desert

My Weekend in the Desert

Seriously, I love Palm Springs.

How much more relaxing can you get then waking up in paradise, going out for coffee and then taking a walk.

Walk where you ask?

To get a massage of course.

Shorty got me one for my birthday.

(which is Wednesday by the way)

Anyway, I got on the table, took off my clothes and got ready to be rubbed.

Now, normally massages are great.

I am not complaining either, since I definitely got rubbed down for an hour.

However, this lady decided to focus on one spot and stay there.

Kind of annoying, and I tried to make noises and move so she would get the point, but all she kept saying was that it was a knot and she needed to get it out of me.

I was annoyed, but then I realised that she had to massage a naked fat Jewish guy for an hour.

Well, not really naked but I did have boxer shirts on.

So, I kinda felt bad for the lady, now that I think about it.

Then we went back to the condo and made lunch.

BBQ chicken on the grill, with corn on the cob.

The main event started afterward.

Eagles vs Giants.

The day was perfect except for the Eagles loss.

But, a fire in the fireplace, my dog pretzel and my Shorty are the best thing ever while watching tv in paradise.

EXCEPT for when that TV is Desperate Housewives.


They aren’t hot anymore and they are all banging younger guys.

They aren’t sexy.

They are not attractive and the stupid yentas that watch them are fantasizing about living lives like theirs.

Let’s see.

Blind Mexicans.

Christian cookbook creator fornicators.

Terri Hatcher way past her prime.

And Dutch from Karate Kid as some kind of mystery bad guy.

The one salvation is that kid who’s banging the blond who is actually pretty hot.

Why Shorty watches that I have no idea.

Oh well, no one is perfect.

My Weekend in the Desert

My Weekend in the Desert

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