I Will Not Bang Out on the 5th

I Will Not Bang Out on the 5th

I love NY.

I also love movies, so it came as no surprise when I pulled up to my hotel and the doorman opened the door and welcomed me to the Roosevelt that I automatically thought of Home Alone 2.

So, I went upstairs to me newly upgraded suite and jumped on the bed.

Then I made coffee and went downstairs for a quick smoke.

Since, I was wearing an Obama’s Chocolate Nuts shirt, the doorman who happened to be black started talking to me about Obama.

I started busting his chops about how if Obama wins no black people will come to work the next day.

Well, I was shocked by what happened next.

He whips out a to do list written on a piece of paper that had a mandatory “bell man” meeting on the 5th of November.

On this paper, written many times just like Bart Simpson would he wrote.

“I will not bang out on the fifth.”

So, my lame attempt at racial humor was proven right and I have the picture to back me up. (he texted it to me)

Then I went to work and took a break around six to have dinner with my friends Amber and Eddy.

We had family style Italian food.

It was awesome hanging out and having good conversation.

Then back to work.


What a town.

fat jewish guy

fat jewish guy

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