Rosh Hashanah Plus Diabetes Equals Pain

Rosh Hashanah Plus Diabetes Equals Pain

Diabetes really sucks.

First I had to stop eating Skittles.

Then I had to stop drinking regular soda.

Chocolate, cookies, candy, sugar, carbs, watermelon, juice, it all had to go.

I’ll be honest, I cheated a bit.

Sure, I would eat some chocolate and I loved my carbs, but that was the extent of it.

(OK, maybe I did eat some taffy on occasion)

But tonight it got bad.

Sitting at the rabbi’s house for dinner, I made my way through the challa, honey, apples, cole slaw, olives, pickles, olive spread, chicken, rice, hummus, and a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper.

I even managed to have some grape juice for the kiddush.

But, then it happened.

The cake came out.

Warm chocolate cake, with chocolate icing and whipped non dairy cream.

Took one look at it and knew that this would be mine.

It was mine.

Then I crashed, hard.

Got tired, cranky and almost fell asleep at teh rabbi’s table.

So, I drank some coffee, but still felt like crap.

Finally, after I got home and watched a few episodes of Law and Order I started to feel better.

No more chocolate for me.

I love Rosh Hashanah.

But, in order for me to enjoy it, this diabetes thing has to go away.

Maybe that’s what I’ll pray for tomorrow.

No diabetes and world peace.

Fat Jewish Guy

Fat Jewish Guy

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