Coolest Jew EVER

Coolest Jew Ever

I have diabetes.

We all know that.

For those of you that don’t know what diabetes is, it’s a rare but curable condition that attacks the red blood cells, making it virtually impossible to pronounce the letter Q.

Anyway, today I went out for frozen yogurt.

Actually, I went out twice for it, but I learned my lesson after the first time.

See, I was under the impression that since it was frozen yogurt and not ice cream that it was good for me.

So, we went out and I got a medium vanilla with a little bit of gummy bears.

Needless to say that it was delicious, but I started thinking.

Maybe it’s not the yogurt vs ice cream debate that I should worry about.

So, after watching the Phillies CRUSH the Rays, I headed out to another yogurt place to test my theory.

On the way, I stopped at my old apartment to pick up some mail.

My roommate asked me to come in his room to show off his new TV.

He was wearing boxer shorts, had two blue-tooth headsets in his ears and had 5 remotes next to him as well.

I jokes how he was the coolest Jew ever, and he told me to take a picture of him.

So, I did.

Anyway, back to yogurt.

This time I got the sugar free boysenberry kind and instead of gummy bears added some granola and raspberries to it.

(and gummy bears)

However, I am sure that it was a lot healthier.

Tomorrow, I start eating fiber.

Stay tuned.

Coolest Jew Ever

Coolest Jew Ever

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