Worst Breakfast Ever At The Mission San Diego

Worst Breakfast Ever At The Mission San Diego

I’m not normally a fan of breakfast.

Every day I write about what I eat and when have you ever read that I ate eggs or pancakes or toast?


I prefer a good steak or hot dog when I first wake up.

But, today after begging for months, I finally went with Shorty to the Mission for Breakfast.

I shouldn’t have bothered.

The place was packed which was a good sign, but the menu had only a few things on it.

Faux Mexican breakfast.

Nothing looked appealing, so I ordered 3 eggs over easy, potatoes and toast.

Personally, I have nothing against oil.

I actually am a huge fan of fried food.

However, today when my eggs came out covered in the stuff I was disgusted.

So, I tried to eat my eggs, couldn’t get through the potatoes and almost vomited from the “Rosemary Bread” (their signature dish)

Shorty liked it though.

Things got better at dinner.

Chicken and potatoes.

My kind of meal.

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