Worse Doctor In San Diego

Worse Doctor In San Diego

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep.

It could be that Shorty is secretly trying to kill me by making me poop.

There is even the possibility that I just am cranky, but I am definitely in a bitter mood and unfortunately the Doctor will bear the brunt of this.

I will state my case and you decide.

I call the doctor at 9 am today asking for a refill on two prescriptions.




Nope, a blood sugar pill and a cholesterol pill. (who the hell would abuse these?)

Anyway i get the nurse on the phone who tells me that my doctor is away and that doctor so and so is covering.

I gave them my dose and the names of the medication and fully expected to be called within a few hours telling me that I can pick up the medication at the pharmacy.

Fast forward 4pm Friday afternoon.

The phone rings it’s the nurse.

She tells me that the medication that I have been taking every day for the past 6 weeks does not exist.

She proceeds to tell me that the doctor has never heard of it and that I am making it up.

Now, lets remember that this is not some designer drug I am taking.

It’s called tri-cor.

Every freaking doctor in America has heard of it.

Finally, I get upset and hang up the phone.

It rings again.

It’s a different nurse.

He (probably gay) tells me that, “yes, the doctor has heard of tri-cor and that he would be glad to call in my prescription.”

How nice if them I thought.

Had this ended right there you would never have heard this story.

But, the nurse (the gay male one) told me that my pill does not come in 120 milligram strength.

Let me tell you what I told they nurse.



The Gay Male Nurse told me that I was wrong and that I could only get 90 milligrams or 150 and that the doctor would not prescribe me those amounts since he said I was clearly lying.

You know what?

Let’s play hypothetical here.

Hypothetically, let’s say I was abusing tri-cor.

I was taking more then I should, chopping it up, snorting it and just having a jolly old time, with the 30 extra milligrams that I was trying to scam.

What is the worse thing that would happen?

My cholesterol would go down?

My LDL would go up?

OHHHH I would eat healthy?


Why the freak would someone want to abuse a drug that does nothing to them?

The nurse (yes, the gay male one) was being an ass.

I told him to cancel all future appointments, and that the doctor lost a client today.

I don’t think he cared much.

Either way, this definitely is the worse doctor in San Diego.

On a fun side note, Shorty and I went out for late night prime rib.


Fatty poached meat.

Wish I had some tri-cor to lower my cholesterol.

Damn it, I’m grinding my teeth…I need that tri-cor.

Help me.

I need my fix.

Must have low cholesterol.

Come on man, I’ll suck your ….. for some tri-cor.

Please don’t take my baby away from me, I’ll quit I promise.

I hear by sentence you to 5 years in jail, and let that be a lesson to you, do not try and lower your cholesterol without a doctor.

Here lies, Fat Jewish Guy. He was such a smart man, but he had one vice that he just couldn’t control, he needed low cholesterol.

That doctor is an ASS.

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