MAHMOUD DARWISH Palestinian Poetry

MAHMOUD DARWISH Palestinian Poetry

Normally, Saturday is a slow news day.

There was the Olympics on NBC and every other channel on the planet.

The news that Russia attacked Georgia.

John Edward’s affair finally came to light.

But there was also the little known story that Palestinian poet MAHMOUD DARWISH passed away.

For those not familiar with MAHMOUD DARWISH he was respected in the Palestinian community as a poet who talked about their struggles against the state of Israel.

I personally have never heard of him before, so I looked up MAHMOUD DARWISH and found a sample of his poetry.

Here are a few samples of MAHMOUD DARWISH’s poetry.

MAHMOUD DARWISH on being an Arab.

I wake up in the morning and go to the mosque.
I don’t have a car so I hop on the bus.
The driver keeps staring as he drives down the road.
It’s like he is waiting for me to explode.


In order to pray you must get on all fours.
Kneel on a carpet and shut all the doors.
I think of my girlfriend her name is Rebbecca.
Oh how I wish that we were in Mecca.

MAHMOUD DARWISH on airplane food.

After passing security which took over an hour.
I wonder what gave all those Jewish people power.
The flight attendant comes over and offers a snack.
What a small bag of pretzels I send it right back.

Anyway, I can see why the Palestinian People Loved MAHMOUD DARWISH.

I guess the world will be a sadder place tomorrow.

Bernie Mac.

You will be missed.

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