Eat Free On A Cruise Funny Olympic Shirts

Eat Free On A Cruise Funny Olympic Shirts

I know, I know.

How the hell can you eat free on a cruise?

I mean they would have to charge you right?

Well, let me tell you, Fat Jewish Guy is investigating this, but I have it under good authority that food is free on cruises.

Shorty as we speak is booking one for us, and I made sure that she confirmed this whole free food thing.

As for me, I know that many of you are searching for Funny Olympic Shirts, and now I can unveil the funniest shirt of them all.

This Funny Olympic Shirt is from and is priceless.

Check it out.

But, if you are planning on going on a cruise, you might wan to buy a size larger since you can eat free on a cruise.

As for me.

Got some late night Mac and Cheese going.

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