Chicken Tika Ma Elmo

Chicken Tika Ma Elmo

Sometimes the best things in life aren’t planned.

Like babies.

Just kidding.

Woke up around 2 pm today.

The body is telling me to chill out and relax.

Got out of bed, it was an amazing San Diego summer day, hot but nice.

Knowing I had to get out of bed, I asked Shorty if she wanted to join me for a slice of pizza.

She didn’t want pizza, so I suggested sushi.

Shorty doesn’t eat fish, but was in the mood for a hamburger.

We decided on Western Steakburger and left the house trying to find it.

When we got there, I realized that it was the wrong one.

So, we drove to North Park in search of the original Western Steakburger.

Guess what?

It was closed.

So, we started driving and I had to pick a place.

No Mexican.

Over pizza.

Then it hit me.

We passed an Indian joint and I got in the mood for some Tandori.

Shorty said she would eat Indian but wanted us to go to Bombay.

I told her that I didn’t have the money to fly to India and she told me that Bombay was a place in Hillcrest.

After yesterday’s breakfast fiasco, I was a bit skeptical but went along anyway.

The place was amazing.

A waterfall in the middle of the dining room, good music and you could just tell that the food was gonna be good.

We ordered some Indian bread.

I think it’s called Noon or Non but I can’t spell it.

Then we shared a veggie samosa, chicken samosa, lamb kabob and saffron rice.

We sat there for two hours.

No cell phones, just chillin.

It was great.

The service was awesome and Matthew the waiter couldn’t have been better.

We didn’t plan this.

What started out as a simple trip for a burger turned into a great exotic dinner experience.

It was almost like the movie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

But without the White Castle, Drugs or Neil Patrick Harris.

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