Best San Diego House Cleaning

Best San Diego House Cleaning

Check this out.

My apartment was dirty.

Trust me it was crazy.

Finally after a month of living in filth, Shorty turned to me yesterday and told me that we needed to hire someone.

However, after the string of bad luck we have had with San Diego Housekeepers, I was reluctant.

At that very moment a van drove by with the words, Anna’s House Cleaning on it.

I called her, and she showed up today with another girl.


It’s like a dirty three way in my apartment right now.

Regardless, they are cleaning away and the place is starting to look like two humans live here.

So, if you are looking for the best San Diego House Cleaning you have to try out

If you tell her you saw me here, maybe she will clean my place for free?

Well, that’s not gonna happen, but you get it.

In other San Diego House Cleaning news…. Check out the New John McCain campaign ad.

It’s weird.

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