Amber Lee Ettinger Sings for Fat Jewish Guy

Amber Lee Ettinger Sings for Fat Jewish Guy

Remember Obama Girl?

You know, Amber Lee Ettinger?

Well, if you don’t know who she is, Amber got famous for singing Crush on Obama.

What many people don’t know, is that the real story behind that video was it was supposed to be a duet with me and her singing about our love for TV drama.

They lyrics were supposed to be:


Hey FJG it’s me if your there pick up.

I was watching you on the food network anyway call me back

You dropped a Cheeto on the floor

Temple dorms 2004

I never loved anyone more and you’re a Jew.

Me –

I put down my chocolate bar

Cause i know that your a star

Hot, Cute and Sexy your so fine

Both of us –

Cause we both love TV drama.

We cannot wait till 2008

The TV shows will be first rate

We got law & order and even CSI

Amber –

Why don’t you pick up the phone

Me –

Cause I got a crush on TV drama.

Anyway, I guess that video never worked out and Amber went on to bigger and better.

Check out her new video.

and this one

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