Thank You Jesse Jackson For Loving Obamas Nuts

Thank You Jesse Jackson For Loving Obamas Nuts

I went to the dentist today.

Thought I was getting a root canal, but that’s gonna be next Wednesday.

Today was just a cleaning.

I did get some gas, however, because I am scared.

Yeah, I know I am a little baby, but still I HATE the dentist and the gas takes away the fear.

It also sent me into a world that I wish I could get back to.

I think I was hallucinating, because I thought I heard Jesse Jackson say that he wants to “Rip Obama’s Nuts Off.”

He couldn’t have said that?


I mean I was the one who talked about Obama’s Chocolate Nuts.

Not a respectable reverend like Jesse Jackson?

But apparently it wasn’t the gas.

It’s true.

Here is my version of what he said.

By the way, I made it into the Chicago Sun Times. (seriously here is the article)

The best is the last line…”An Obama spokeswoman declined comment.”

This is AMAZING!! (click on picture to read article)

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