Lazy Fed Ex Driver

Lazy Fed Ex Driver

Finally, I met someone who is lazier then I am.

Look, I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses.

I can be honest.

Sometimes, I am lazy.

Well, not really lazy, but more like procrastinating.

Anyway, I was waiting for a delivery today.

I was getting a box of Obama Shirts, Funny Olympic Shirts, Obama Clothing and Funny Graphic Tees.

It was exciting.

I waited and waited and still no package.

Finally, just as I was about to give up my phone rang.

It was the Fed Ex driver.

He said he was calling to tell me that he was on his way and needed help.


Don’t you have a dolly?


So, I met him outside and carried a 60 pound box of obama shirts up my stairs.

Then I needed a glass of water.

It’s so hot here in San Diego.

Sunny, Hot and amazing.

Not like San Francisco.

I do miss it though.

Not sure when the next time all three brothers will all be together.

Oh yeah, I know.


Wooh Hoo!

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