Paul Murad Phone Call

Paul Murad Phone Call

Paul Murad from the millionaire matchmaker on Bravo keeps calling me.

We keep missing each other because I am too busy eating.

Just kidding.

Well, maybe I am not.

On the subject of food, today is my last hurrah.

See, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow.

During that appointment I will probably hear a few things that won’t sound too good.

High Blood pressure.
High Blood Sugar
High Cholesterol
Need to lose weight.
Need to quit smoking

So, I am following the tv commercials advice and will be telling the doctor what drugs I want.

Chantix for smoking.
Lipitor for Cholesteral
Tenormin for Blood Pressure

and Wilford Brimley for the diabetes.

Will let you know how it turns out.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of me on CBS news.

Oh yeah, Paul Murad... we can talk after 3pm my time…

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