Legal Drug Dealing

It’s 1:20 in the morning and I am up.

Normally, that is not something weird, I’m always up at this time of the night.

So, what’s the problem?

See, the issue is that I haven’t eaten all day.

True, I had pasta and a 7-11 hot dog, but that was before.

Before the doctor.

First of all let me just say that CIGNA is the devil.

So, I went to the doctor and got examined.

I have a cyst on my belly.

Blood pressure is a little high (130 over 90)

Cholesterol and Blood sugar are at the lab.

But, back to why I haven’t eaten.


Yup, the non lethal half of Phen / Fen and basically legal speed.

I took half a pill and an hour later was drinking my first liter of water.

Soon after I was guzzling liquid and grinding my teeth.

Then I didn’t want to eat.

I had half a salad for dinner and a tuna roll.

Later that night I went out for frozen yogurt.

I had a small and threw it out after 3 spoon fulls.

Wasn’t in the mood.

So, day one is over.

Tomorrow I go up to one whole pill.

Could this be it for food?

I hope not.

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