As the sun set at camp fox, the voices of 40 children filled the air.

My phone rang. I helped shorty make the call to put down bagel.

It was the right thing to do.

He got sicker and needed a blood transfusion.

I told shorty to say goodbye and walk away.

As I went back to services it was an amazing scene, all of my students were saying a prayer for him.

The rabbi looked confused but let it continue. So, as their voices sung the prayer for healing in Hebrew, bagel was humanly being put down.

We will all move on.
We will all keep going.
But, for a short two week period in our lives we were touched by something bigger then ourselves and selflessly gave back to something that could give us nothing in return, but a lick on the face and a wag of the tail.

Maybe the prayer wasn’t for you to heal but for us to?

Bagel Skoboloff Feingold

3/08 – 5/08

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