Full Dose Dave

Finally, I was moving on to the full pill of Phentermine.

The doctor had told me to start with half and when I am sure that I don’t have palpitations to move up to the full pill.

So, I woke up, ate a few slices of watermelon and downed the dose.


This is how good this drug is.

There was a special breakfast at Hebrew school.

Bagels, cake, cookies, pastries, fruit salads, granolla and more.

I had ONE bagel.

Then at school they had falafel and hummus and pita.

I had ONE falafel ball.

Then I went to an all you can eat Mexican buffet for lunch.

I had HALF a salad.

After school, I went home to take a nap.

Yeah right.

An hour later I was back up doing things.

Finally, dinner was ONE chicken breast on top of salad.

Now it’s time to sleep.

Could be worse though.

I could have freaked out like this chick. (remix)

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