Fat Jewish Guy In A Mini Van

Fat Jewish Guy In A Mini Van

So, the Chantix is finally kicking in.

Felt a little down today.

Not my usual self.

I even cheated on my diet.

Yup, I went out for a Turkey wrap with pesto sauce.

I know, I know.

Bad me.

But hey, you only live once right?

Maybe this whole Boot Camp For Your Mind thing is gonna work out?

Anyway, I drove up to Palm Springs, alone in Shorty’s mini van because she was already up there.

Or down there.

Or East there.

Not sure how you say it, but she was already at the condo if that makes any sense.

Who knew a Dodge Caravan could go 120?

(just kidding…:)

As I was driving I thought about the past week.

Remember I am depressed right?

It’s called reflecting.

Then I reflected on what I did this week.

And suddenly, I wasn’t so depressed anymore.

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