Dog Eater Ice Cream Maker

Dog Eater Ice Cream Maker

Ok, I am officially one of the most insensitive people around.

Granted I was hungry.

Really hungry, but when I went into Einstein Bagel’s I clearly was not thinking straight.

I ordered one, plain, no cheese and was thoroughly enjoying myself when it hit me.

I was eating a bagel dog.

As I was chomping down, trying not to think about my dead dog, Shorty called.

The preliminary findings from the necropsy came in.

Not good news.

So, I bought some Kabobs and went home for dinner.

Then, I saw that I made the San Diego Union Tribune.

SO, I went o Starbucks.

Then Taco Bell.

Then out with Guam Felix.


How could I forget.

I bought an ice cream machine.

Figured if I made my own Ice Cream I would save money.

Did you know fresh fruit was expensive?

Neither did I.

I also didn’t know that you need to freeze the bowl first.

No Ice Cream for me.

Happy Birthday Israel!

And although we are celebrating, lets remember all the Israeli Soldiers who have fallen defending my right to eat and be Fat and Jewish.

Free Ron Arad and all the others captured.

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