Texas Polygamist Church Sex Bed Video

Texas Polygamist Church Sex Bed Video

Ok, this whole Texas Polygamist Church thing is funny as hell.

Not only did they have a “sex” bed but they also preached racism.

Let me explain.

They actually taught their members that all people were born white and when they were bad they turned black.

I am not making this up.

The woman on CNN said that when she sinned she was scarred that she would become a black woman.

How stupid are they?

This one of the most retarded things I ever heard.

Well, besides Guam Felix’s assertion that we are all born with cancer.

Maybe they should date?

Either way, I had a healthy day today.

Chicken with rice.


Chicken with salad.

Diet Ginger ale.


French fries.

Trail Mix.


I’m only starting this diet because I’m scared.

I want to stay white.


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