Sex And The City Movie Reviewed

Sex And The City Movie Reviewed

I could have sworn that it was Sex in the City, but I was wrong. It’s sex and the city.

I get it now, like the city is a character in the lives of these four women.

The movie started off where the show left off.

Carrie was engaged to Big (Chris Noth from Law and Order)

Miranda was taking care of her baby.

Charlotte was looking cute as always, and Samantha was dating a drummer in a trendy New York cover band.

Things took a turn for the worse though, when on the eve of Carrie’s wedding, she discovers that Big has been cheating on her with a stunning blonde named Sarah Marshal.

She gets so mad that her and the girls decide to go on a Hawaiian vacation.

There she meets a native with whom she promptly proceeds to “get her groove back.”

In the mean time, Samantha discovers that she has ovarian cancer from all the sex she had been having, so she and Charlotte reminisce about growing up on the Jersey shore together.

Miranda gives birth to another child and has the shock of her life when they both come up with a horrible illness.

She needs to make a choice.

Which child to keep.

At this point, everyone is crying in the theater and Carrie realizes that she might actually like Mr. Big.

She only realizes this when she drinks from a glass that has the distinct markings of glass that is made when lightning strikes sand in a desert setting.

Finally, as she is about to get married, the guy from X-Files who was previously locked up in a mental institution comes in to break up the wedding.

The movie ends as they flash forward a few years and the ladies are all old.

The last scene is Steve Gutenberg showing up with a cocoon.

Oh yeah.

Passover is done, I ate some pasta!

Two loaves of bread and some Ju Ju Bees.

Pray for Bagel.

  • Thanks for spoiling it for me!!!!
    It was an excellent review.

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