Pikes Place Coffee Sucks

Pikes Place Coffee Sucks

I remember a time not too long ago when Starbucks was cool.

“What’s that frozen drink you got there?” people would ask.

“A Frappuccino,” I would answer, knowing that I was one of the lucky few.

It was trendy.

Sitting at Starbucks all day was somehow cool.

Now it’s different.

When you sit at Starbucks with your Mac you look like an idiot.

Get an office.

Get a job.

Your ruining my date.

But regardless, I came to the realization that Starbucks coffee sucks.

I prefer McDonald’s.

I crave Dunkin Donuts.

But, Starbucks got another chance today.

They came out with their Pikes Place coffee blend.

Fresh every 30 minutes.

New sexy label.

I walked in, got a large, paid my 1.95 and expected to be enamored again.

Guess what?

It still sucks.

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