Dodger Diego Colosso Dogs

Dodger Diego Colosso Dogs

I wen to the Dodgers Padres game today. It was supposed to be a great match up.

I almost saw two no hitters.

The Dodgers had a no hitter going into the 2nd batter.


The Padres had one going into the 4th inning.

The there was the strangest play at the plate.

Something about catching the ball fair and then going into the dugout.

That play confused me.

So, I got hungry.

I had a Diego Dog.

It was great.

They also sold Friars Franks there.

They had pork in them so I didn’t eat one.

Apparently so do Dodger Dogs.

But the Colosso Dog I had last week at the Coliseum (get it…colosso) was good s well.

Of course I got peanuts.

Then dinner.

Italian food.


Chocolate cake.

I might go to another game tomorrow.

I am guaranteed seeing two more no hitters,

At least through the first inning.

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